MAP Resources Privacy Policy

Always follow the tips in our Privacy and Security Guide when visiting MAP sites.

Key Points

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This policy describes how MAP Resources and authorized representatives of MAP Resources ("we," "us," and "our") may collect, receive, store, analyze, share, manage, or otherwise use ("handle") data about you and your use of this website and other services maintained by MAP Resources ("services"). By using our services, you agree to the handling of data as described in the latest version of this policy, which can be accessed at

Data we collect

When you use our services

We use analytics tools such as Google Analytics to collect data about you and your use of our services when you visit a website that is maintained by MAP Resources. These tools allow us to collect data about you (general location, how you found our website, etc.), your device (operating system, device type, etc.), and your use of our services (link clicks, page views, etc.).

This form of data collection may be subject to the following policies:

Some analytics tools may store a small file called a cookie on your device to enable certain forms of tracking. We use cookies to enable data collection for certain analytics tools. You can learn how to manage or opt out of some of the cookies we use for analytics purposes in the policy linked above. Some cookies are necessary for our services to function properly, and you automatically opt in to their use by using our services.

When you contact us

When you contact us using an online form or an external contact method (such as email or social media DM), you consent to the collection of any information you include in the message, as well as information contained in the contact method (such as your email address or social media handle). Because this form of data collection only occurs if you take a specific action, you are opted out by default.

Data storage practices

Data protection

MAP Resources will take measures to prevent unauthorized access to data we are storing about your use of our services. These may include:

However, no data protection strategy is completely effective, and we are not responsible for unauthorized access that occurs despite our efforts.

Identifying information

We do not automatically collect information that could be easily used to determine your identity ("identifying information"). However, identifying information may be shared when you use specific services we offer (such as emailing us). This data will be stored in the location it was originally shared (such as an email inbox or social media DM conversation).

Data stored by third parties

Some data about your use of our services may be stored by a third party, either because the data were collected by that third party or because MAP Resources is using a third-party service to store the data. MAP Resources will handle data stored by third parties in accordance with this policy and we will take measures to ensure the methods by which we handle this data are only accessible to us, however, we are not responsible for how third parties handle data they are storing about your use of our services.

Deleting data

MAP Resources will delete or anonymize data we are storing about your use of our services within a year of that data being collected. When possible, we will also direct third parties to delete or anonymize MAP Resources' copy of data they are storing about your use of our services within a year of it being collected. Identifying information stored by MAP Resources will be deleted as soon as the reason we are storing it is no longer valid.

How we process data

Analytics and research

We process data about your use of our services and interactions with our content to understand how users are finding, accessing, and interacting with the content we create. We use this information to improve our content and change our services to better suit our users' needs. This form of data analysis excludes identifying information whenever possible.

Security and maintenance

We may process data about your use of our services to troubleshoot technical issues and identify and respond to malicious uses of our services (such as DDoS attacks). This form of data analysis may include identifying information.

Providing our services

Providing certain opt-in services may require us to process data about you or your use of our services. When this is the case, we will strive to minimize the amount of data used. Any additional policies about the handling of your data for the use of individual services will be made available to you if they apply.

How we share data

Why we share data

MAP Resources may share data about your use of our services with third parties for the following reasons:

We never share data in an effort to obtain identifying information about our users.

We never sell user data.

We may publicize non-identifying, aggregated user data to increase public awareness of our services.

Handling of shared data

When MAP Resources shares data about your use of our services with a third party, the third party's copy of the data is subject to their Privacy Policy. MAP Resources exercises caution when sharing data, however, we are not responsible for enforcing any policies regarding the handling of shared data.

Data shared with us

Third parties may share data with us when you interact with content we published on external platforms (such as commenting on a social media post). The collection and handling of this data are subject to the Privacy Policy of the platform on which the interaction occurs. MAP Resources will handle our copy of this data in accordance with this policy to the greatest extent possible while still abiding by the terms and conditions under which the data was shared.

Legal information

Additional terms

Data about certain uses of our services (such as donating to MAP Resources) may be subject to additional policies. Whenever you use our services in a way that causes associated data to become subject to additional policies, that information will be made available to you.

Deleting your data

You may, at any time, request that MAP Resources delete some or all data associated with your identity via the contact information below. Upon receiving your identity and any necessary confirmation of your identity, we will delete or anonymize this data within 60 days. If we follow up with you to request additional information, we may take up to 60 days after you provide this information to delete any additional data it allows us to identify. We are not responsible for deleting data that we cannot identify as belonging to you based on the information you provide to us.

We may notify you of the completion of this process via the contact method you used to submit the request. Information about you that is necessary to complete this process may be retained until after we have notified you of its completion. Data that is being stored for a specific purpose (such as an email you sent us) will be retained until that purpose is no longer valid unless you specifically invalidate that purpose in your request.

Children under 13

MAP Resources does not knowingly handle data about the use of our services by children under the age of 13. If we are made aware of such data, it will be deleted through the data deletion process described above.  

Legal exception

MAP Resources reserves the right to handle data in ways that would otherwise violate this policy to comply with applicable laws, court orders, warrants, or other legal obligations.

Changes to this policy

MAP Resources reserves the right to update this policy at any time and without notification. Major updates may be announced on our Telegram channel. Changes to this policy will be immediately reflected in our handling of new data. By using our services, you consent to your data being handled as described in the latest version of this policy.

Contact us

If you have questions about this policy or would like to submit a data deletion request, you can email us at Please allow up to a week for a response.